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If you have cancer, you should be researching Rick Simpson and Gary Null #ricksimpson #cancer #medcalindustry #medicine #ricksimpsonoil #cureyourowncancer

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April 2, 2014

Deputy Micah McNinch pulled over Wayne Ables after 2 a.m. as he raced his infirmed mother to a hospital just a mile from the site of the stop.

McNinch pulled Ables over for expired tags and kept the pair there while an ambulance and fire truck were en route.

Ables says he told McNinch his mother was in the back seat, suffering from severe breathing problems.

After 11 minutes, the emergency vehicles arrived. The driver had pleaded with the officer to escort them to the hospital a mere five minutes away.

This story happened in March of 2009. Mr. Ables has yet to be compensated for his loss.

McNinch was given one of the harshest penalties that police face when their negligence leads to the death of another, one entire day without pay. #policebrutality #policestate #policethepolice

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#waco #texas

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🙌🙏 there is hope for people sometimes #animalrights

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Every single person with cancer has a pH that is too low. Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Every time you drink soda or an energy drink or gatorade you are flooding your body with lots of acid. Acid is a breeding ground for all diseases. The number one easiest way to start being healthy is to stop drinking soda, processed juices, energy drinks, coffee, milk, and soda. Stick with distilled or spring water or fresh juices from a juicer or drink some living water from a fresh coconut which is alkaline. #acidicbeverages #sodalovers #fakefood #healthiswealth #eatrealfood #eattolive #youarewhatueat #alkalinizeyourbody #alkalinediet #alkalinevsacid #energydrink #soda #redbull

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#govegan Watch “Are Humans Designed To Eat Meat” by Milton Mills,MD on YouTube.

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"Get out of grade school and you go to high school, and its revving up – the thing is coming. Then you’ve got to #college, and then maybe grad school. And when you’re through with graduate school you go out and join the #world. Then you get into some racket where you’re selling #insurance. And then you have that #quota to make, and you’re going to make that. And all the time "the thing" is coming, its coming; that thing, the great success you’re working for. Then when you wake up one day when your about forty years old, you say ‘my god, I’ve arrived.’ I’m there! And you don’t feel very different than what you’ve always felt. And there’s a slight let down because you feel there is a #hoax. And there was a hoax - a dreadful hoax. They have made you miss everything; by expectation. Look at the people who live to #retire and put those savings away. And then when they’re 65 they don’t have any #energy left. They are more or less impotent and they go and rot in an old people’s senior citizens #community; and because we’ve simply cheated ourselves the whole way down the line. Because we thought of life by #analogy with a #journey – with a pilgrimage. Which had a serious purpose at the end and the thing was to get to that end; success or whatever it is or maybe #heaven after your dead. But we missed the point the whole way along. It was a #musical thing and you were supposed to #sing and to #dance while the #music was being played. But you had to do that thing, you didn’t let it happen." ~The Human Game by #Alanwatts

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Pandora’s Promise, a documentary trying to convince us that nuclear power is safe. Much of the early part of the film resembles an anti-nuclear documentary, and Pandora’s Promise initially bolsters the anti-nuclear message. Then the film takes an almost laughable turn as commenters argue that the solution lies in “new, improved” nuclear reactors, not the abolishment of nuclear power all together. As it moves on, anti-nuclear activists are painted as “exaggerating” while no counter arguments are allowed in the film. Why is this film, (one of the only films of it’s kind), hell bent on convincing us to accept nuclear power? You can always find the answer to a film’s motive by looking at who funded it. Pandoras Promise was funded and produced by CNN, Paul Allen’s Vulcan Productions, and Richard Branson. We all know CNN’s history of corporate interest and agendas, but who are Paul Allen and Richard Branson? They’re both multi billionaires who’s investments are riding solely on the use of nuclear energy. Paul Allen is up there with Bill Gates with the company Microsoft. Richard Branson of Virgin, as in Virgin Mobile or Virgin Airlines. Not only is nuclear energy needed for their mobile phones, but the invention of a new type of traveling wave reactor called TerraPower is being led by Microsoft research founder Nathan Myhrvold. Want to research this for yourself? Start googling the names mentioned with the word “TerraPower” and put the pieces together. This film is a classic example of good ol’ fashioned propaganda. What can you do to protest this type of dishonesty? Boycott Microsoft and Virgin, spend your money elsewhere. #pandoraspromise #nuclearenergy #propaganda #richardbranson #paulallen #billgates #microsoft #virgingroup #nuclearpower

One of the many sources available:

Another source:’s-nuclear-play-nabs-35m-from-charles-river-khosla-ventures/

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@globalawakening say it isn’t sooo!!! I’m so sick of Instagram deleting news profiles! #globalawakening

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#Repost from @freemind_1 Obama Admits ISIS Beheading Videos Help White House Agenda
A New York Times report concerning Barack Obama’s military policy towards Islamic State paraphrases the President as acknowledging the fact that the recent spate of ISIS beheading videos has helped the White House galvanize public opinion behind Washington’s policy in the middle east.The article, Paths to War, Then and Now, Haunt Obama, explains how the President, “noted that gruesome videos released by ISIS had helped galvanize public support for action.”Obama’s comments are attributed to “10 people who spoke with him in the days leading up to his speech Wednesday night” who quoted “his private remarks” to the NY Times’ Peter Baker.According to the piece, Obama remarked that it would have made more sense for ISIS to release three beheaded hostages, adding that, “ISIS had made a major strategic error by killing them because the anger it generated resulted in the American public’s quickly backing military action.”The comments beg the question – if the alleged ISIS beheading videos only serve to bolster Washington’s agenda in the region, why is the terrorist group repeatedly releasing propaganda that actually harms their crusade to establish an Islamic caliphate? In another recent interview with beheaded victim James Foley’s mother on Democracy Now, (episode from Friday 9/12/14) Foley’s mother explained that the White House told her she could face criminal prosecution for trying to raise ransom money to rescue her son. #isis #isil #is #warcrimes #propaganda

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#Repost from @make_it_viral By @x_awaken “CAJITITLÁN, MEXICO—Gaze across Lake Cajititlán here in western Mexico and normally you’ll see fisherman cutting their nets and tourist boats gliding over the blue-green water. But that picturesque scene turned grim last week when more than 4 million dead fish suddenly surfaced, turning the water a sinister shade of gray.

For days, the smell of rotting scales lingered in the air as locals joined government workers to scoop up more than 156 tons of freshwater popoche chub, a sardine-sized species native to the western state of Jalisco.

Millions of dead fish mysteriously rose to the surface of Lake Cajititlán in western Mexico last week.
It’s still unclear what killed the fish, but the incident was the worst in a spate of environmental disasters in Mexico this year. Early last month, a river in the northern state of Sonora took on a sickly brown-red color after workers from a nearby mine dumped thousands of gallons of sulfuric acid into the water. In Veracruz state, near the Gulf of Mexico, a gasoline spill contaminated almost 5 miles of a small river near the town of Tierra Blanca. And last Thursday, the Pacific coast of Sinaloa state also saw a sudden and seemingly inexplicable mountain of dead fish rise to the surface.” via @PhotoRepost_app

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We’ve really fucked shit up

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Such a good quote from the #StormCloudsGathering YouTube video explaining the Israel and Gaza conflict. #freepalestine #freegaza #gazaunderattack #jewsagainstzionism

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