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Animal lovers! It’s time to stand up for what you believe in! #govegan

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It amazes me that this shit is legal #fastfood #mcdonalds #burgerking #boogersling #tacobell #tacosmell #jackinthebox #yackinthebag #poison

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boogersling  # yackinthebag  # jackinthebox  # fastfood  # poison  # tacosmell  # tacobell  # burgerking  # mcdonalds  


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Repost by @the.peoplesparty Every 28 hours an African American person is killed by a police officer or security officer. Racism IS a problem in 2014. #racism #policebrutality #policestate #policethepolice

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Help save organic!

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#ecoterrorism humans are bad for the environment. Mother Nature is slow about taking what is hers back, she will send us lots of warnings, but will we be too stupid to listen? #corporatism

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I know a lot of my followers don’t believe in voting, and when it comes to the presidential election, I also believe that my vote probably doesn’t do shit to change the situation, especially since I usually vote Green Party. But as anarchist as my political beliefs are, I still vote because activists worked their asses off to make that available to me. And when it comes to props and general elections for the state, I do think my vote counts. Because of this, I’m going to be sharing with you guys what/who I’m voting for in the California general election for November 4, 2014. I apologize if you’re not from California, I’ll try not to flood your feed with too much voting stuff. I’ll be doing extensive research on each prop to make sure I understand if there are any loop holes (and there usually is) to give you all my honest and well informed decision. I hope this will encourage you guys to vote also, because I trust that all of you have valid opinions that deserve to be heard! I love all of you guys! #vote #voting #generalelection #californiaelection

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#Repost from @karmaartery “Russell Brand kicked so much ass on MSNBC last night! Speaking TRUTHS & starting the rEVOLUTION. I have so much respect for everything he is doing: Love, equality, and exposing the lies we’ve been conditioned since birth to know. We ARE one; one love, one consciousness & we are TIRED of these meaningless wars for oil & greed. We are DONE supporting the murder of innocent human beings, we are DONE buying into consumerism and this materialistic mentality that is shoved down our throats everyday in this country. I can’t wait to purchase his book, REVOLUTION, and I highly recommend you do the same! In the meantime, if you’re unaware of what I’m speaking of I also recommend purchasing “Behold a Pale Horse” & “1984” to get up to speed on what’s really going on in the world. The world is about to change, and I am so blessed to apart of this shift in consciousness!” #russelbrand @rustyrocketsbrand

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What do you guys think? Repost by @_openyourminds

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Repost by @drdre81 Lead with love and your vibrations will always be positive, and therefore attract positivity.

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#Repost from @wakeupknowledge ” This ladies and gentlemen is Coca cola’s recent Instagram photo claiming that their drink will help you survive a zombie apocalypse. As far as I’m concerned the only thing worse then a zombie apocalypse is a zombie apocalypse with coca cola. The ingredients in this drink are toxic to your health. They are profiting off the recent Ebola hype.
Alright guys lets tell @cocacola how we really feel. “

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celebrating columbus day is the same exact thing as celebrating the mass genocide, rape, and torture of an entire colony of innocent peaceful people. In short, columbus was on his way to india, ended up in america, mistakes native indigenous americans for indians, realized it wasn’t india, and decided to massacre the entire race and use them as slaves. as an italian american myself, i am horrified and offended when people equate columbus day with italian american heritage day. christopher columbus is an embarrassment and shameful. this day should be renamed to #indigenouspeoplesday in solidarity and mourning for the massive group of people who were tortured and murdered by christopher columbus’ movement. celebrating holidays like this which are based on lies is like telling our government it’s okay to lie to us, and not only that, we will celebrate it when they do. many people feel this way, we are not told though because mainstream media is owned by 9 different corporations who flood us with distractions, lies, and infotainment. check out today’s democracy now interview about this subject as well as howard zinn’s book “a peoples history of the united states” for the true history of christopher columbus. #kshamasawant #howardzinn #columbusday #christophercolumbus #genocide #celebratingmurder #unacceptable #wearebetterthanthis

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Derp! Repost by @ihatesheeple #cureyourowncancer #ricksimpson #phmiracle #govegan #cancure #cancer #medicineindustry #cancerindustry

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